12 Things You Can Do to Get Organized in 1-Minute or Less

Have a minute? Sure, you do! You truly only need one-minute to begin being more organized. Think we’re pulling your leg? Never! Here are 12 things you can do in one minute or less to get your started. Set your timer, and go!

  1. Throw recyclable paper, e.g. old magazines, newspapers, in the recycling bin
  2. Make a recycling bin out of an old box or storage container
  3. Put your keys in a place you can easily find them
  4. Hang up your coat
  5. Put your shoes away
  6. Make your bed
  7. Find 3 items in your closet to give away
  8. Sort your mail and recycle papers you don’t need
  9. Create online folders to store emails to free up your inbox (Bonus: Create filters for specific emails to go to their designated folders automatically)
  10. Setup automatic payment for your bills
  11. Select electronic bank and bill statements (Reduces paper & helps the planet. Sweet!)
  12. Write a list of other things you can do in one minute or less!

The idea is to use this minute as a springboard. Little wins lead to big wins. Take a minute (or two if you’re ambitious) and make a list of things that you think you can do in a minute or less. Challenge yourself, then get going! You can accomplish a lot more than you may realize.

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