10 Weekend Tweaks to Make Your Weekdays Easier

Ah, the weekend. Two days of freedom from the hustle and bustle of the weekdays. You can go a little bit slower and sleep a little bit longer. Not so much if you’re a parent of young kiddies, but yeah. 😦 While the weekend should involve more downtime than not, taking time to make your weekdays easier is a good use of your time.

Here are 10 activities to add in the name of making your weekdays flow more smoothly.

  1. Choose and iron an outfit for each day. Don’t forget shoes and accessories!
  2. Wash, chop and store fruits and veggies in an airtight container to make pulling together weeknight dinners a breeze.
  3. Make breakfast. Making breakfast can steal essential time from your mornings, so why not make it on the weekend? Breakfast burritos, scrambled omelets, and muffins are all easy to make and freeze. Just reheat in the morning and have homemade goodness to start your day off right.
  4. Review your calendar for upcoming appointments, events, etc. Looking ahead gives you the advantage of knowing what’s coming and the power to reschedule, cancel or reprioritize, if necessary.
  5. Set “fun” goals for the week. Choose at least 3 fun things to do and do them! They don’t have to be costly or time-consuming. Making sure you keep fun as a priority is one thing that should be done everyday. No excuses! :o)
  6. Do your grocery and other shopping. Taking time to shop for the week may not be the most fun thing to do, but trust me, your weekdays will thank you.
  7. If possible, do your hair in a style that can either touched up or not fussed with at all during the week. Most Sunday’s my hair goes into braids, twists, or some type of updo and I’m good to go for about 5 days.  
  8. Fill your gas tank on Sunday. Getting gas on Sunday evening, preferably, may reduce or eliminate trips to the pump during the week. There’s nothing worse than thinking you’re ready to get going and having to stop and fill er’ up early in the morning.
  9. Deep clean the house. Trying to fit in cleaning the stove on a Tuesday will probably throw a wrench in your evening. Try 10-minute quick cleanups for everyday messes to keep your home tidy during the week.
  10. Finally, get some rest. Recharge those batteries so you can float through your week with renewed energy to finish everything you need to do.

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The Hidden Gems of Routine

Some many think routines are for rigid, control-freak, type A personalities that can’t stand letting others being in control and will never be surprised at their own surprise party. And they’d be correct! But what about the mom that handles not only her own schedule, but the schedules of each of her 3 kids? Or the businessman that has so many meetings that he doesn’t know when he’s going to get a chance to eat? And don’t forget the college student that has to juggle her studies with practicing for her upcoming dance performance, and oh yeah, trying to fit in some fun while she’s at it. With these types of demands, establishing a functional routine is a must for everyone – all ages and genders.

Besides for some the obvious reasons for establishing routines, such as fitting more things into your day, there are often hidden benefits that may not be so obvious. These buried gems are what make the effort and consistency of having a great routine worthwhile.

It’s the fountain of youth.    Having a solid routine allows you to schedule time for looking and feeling good. Regularly schedule time for rejuvenating activities, such as exercising, meditating, getting a massage, cooking healthy food, and so on. Even going in for your yearly physical and six-month teeth cleaning check-up keeps you youthful. Consistently doing things to boost your happiness quotient is like making a deposit into your bank of vitality. The ROI (return on investments) is priceless.

You’ll save (and sometimes make) money.    Routines are especially good for saving you money. Clipping coupons weekly, mapping out your errand route to save gas and miles on your car, and only buying what you need when you need it are all examples of how being consistent can save you money. Also, saving a certain amount from your paycheck on a monthly basis or contributing to your company’s 401k bi-weekly are ways that routine will make you money. Exercise consistency in maintaining a sound financial routine and you’ll see how large of a monetary muscle you’ll build in the end.

You’ll have a life.       Yes, you too can have a life! Creating a routine that frequently includes time for pleasurable activities like having dinner with friends, taking a personal development class, or going on dates with your significant other is what makes life worthwhile. All work and no play can make you one dull individual. Schedule time for yourself and your loved ones often and you’ll definitely live a fuller life.

Take some time to write out your ideal daily schedule for the upcoming week and make a real effort to try to follow it. Tweak, change, add, and delete as you go to fuse the gap between your ideal routine and what is realistic for you. It may take a few tries, but keep at it. A routine that creates the flexibility for what you need to do AND what you want to do is the name of the game. The additional benefits it brings is icing on the cake.

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Six Time Savers to Savor

Need more time in your day? Of course you do. So, how do you do it? That is the million dollar question. It used to be that money was what was needed more of. Nowadays, time is what’s craved the most. So, how do you create even more time in your day?

Here’s a quick six-pack of ways to save time, while making the most of it.

  1. Use a to-do list.         This one is simple. A to-do list keeps you clear on what you need to do. If you write or type out your to do list, you’re (a) more likely to complete the tasks and (b) saving yourself the time of thinking about what’s next.
  2. Plan ahead.       Here’s great acronym for planning ahead: The 5P’s: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. You may spend a little more time in the present, but you will get more done and save tons of time (and possibly your sanity) in the future.   
  3. Take advantage of the wait.       Using your wait time to take care of other business is one of the best uses of your time. You can kill two birds with one stone. Make phone calls, read that book you’ve been putting off, check off some of the tasks on your to do list… the list goes on and on. Plus, it helps to distract you from how long you’ve been waiting for the doctor, even though your appointment was 30 minutes ago. Ugh. We’ve ALL been there.
  4. Get organized.      Had to slip this one in here! Being disorganized is in my Hall of Fame of time-wasters. Tidy House Solutions is here to help!
  5. Develop a routine.          Routines can get a bad rap because they seem rigid and too restrictive. It’s simply not true! Routines make things systematic and automatic. Once you find the right routine for you, you’ll float through without feeling as rushed, disorganized, or frazzled.
  6. Say no.      This magical two-letter word can, in fact, be just as important as being organized. You can’t save the world. Believe me, I’ve tried. BEFORE committing to something or someone, you must know your priorities, know your schedule and know the realistic amount of time you have available.  If those three things don’t line up with what’s asking for your time, when it’s a big fat NO. Don’t feel bad. Ignore that sudden urge to recant your statement. Remember, saying “no” opens you up to saying “yes” to other things. And, if things change, you can always say “yes” later. Adding “no” to your routine will help you find more time than you thought possible. 

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12 Things You Can Do to Get Organized in 1-Minute or Less

Have a minute? Sure, you do! You truly only need one-minute to begin being more organized. Think we’re pulling your leg? Never! Here are 12 things you can do in one minute or less to get your started. Set your timer, and go!

  1. Throw recyclable paper, e.g. old magazines, newspapers, in the recycling bin
  2. Make a recycling bin out of an old box or storage container
  3. Put your keys in a place you can easily find them
  4. Hang up your coat
  5. Put your shoes away
  6. Make your bed
  7. Find 3 items in your closet to give away
  8. Sort your mail and recycle papers you don’t need
  9. Create online folders to store emails to free up your inbox (Bonus: Create filters for specific emails to go to their designated folders automatically)
  10. Setup automatic payment for your bills
  11. Select electronic bank and bill statements (Reduces paper & helps the planet. Sweet!)
  12. Write a list of other things you can do in one minute or less!

The idea is to use this minute as a springboard. Little wins lead to big wins. Take a minute (or two if you’re ambitious) and make a list of things that you think you can do in a minute or less. Challenge yourself, then get going! You can accomplish a lot more than you may realize.

Need motivation to do this? Download this list for FREE below!

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How to Finish Anything You Start

How many times have you folded clothes and thought, “I’ll just put these away later?” An innocent thought perhaps, however it can be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. How many times have you started something, only to not to finish? Too many to count, right? Everyone has good intentions to finish whatever they start and even research, plan, and purchase things to get the job done, then something happens that derails their efforts.

The great idea or project just doesn’t come to fruition. It happens far too often, so here are a few ways to help tie up those loose ends and start feverishly checking off items from your to-do list. Ready? Let’s go!

Start.   Naturally, in order to finish something you have to start. Nuff’ said.

Get organized.  Being organized is one of the best ways to almost guarantee success. Knowing what you need to do to finish a task makes it more likely that you’ll actually do it. Once you decide to start something, take the time to think about what you hope the outcome to be. Then, work backwards. Visualizing the end result gives you a clearer path to getting it done.

Set a deadline. Deadlines are your best friend when it comes to finishing something. They add pressure to push you forward, when you may have wanted to quit. If you really want to achieve a goal, give it a firm end date and stick to it.

Keep yourself accountable.  Hold yourself responsible for finishing what you start. Give yourself rules (don’t be too strict) for getting your task done. For example, if you want to write a book, make a goal to write something daily. It doesn’t have to a chapter, just write something. You may want to keep a progress journal or a calendar to mark of the days you pursued your goal. Also, pulling in some great family members and friends to share your feelings with will help keep you honest and moving forward. And remember, be kind to yourself if you have a set back. The important part is that you get back up and keep going.

Reward yourself along the way.  Build in small incentives along your journey. These mini-celebrations should give you a feeling of accomplishment that you made it to a certain level, but shouldn’t be too large to halt progress. Keep the love of forward motion going and you’ll be marking off that task in no time.

Feel the success now.   Think of a goal you want to accomplish. Now fast forward to how it feels to finish it. The feeling you’re feeling is why you begin in the first place. Embrace it. Savor it. Keep it in your everyday thoughts. Sometimes the feeling of success is motivation enough to persevere. Whatever you want is yours. You just have to keep going.

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4 Easy Ways to Get (& Stay) Organized

In order to get (& stay) organized, one must know the rules. Many people offer their suggestions on how to organize your space, time, and thoughts for that matter, but at the core the message is the same. Being organized is a lifestyle choice, not a random happening. It’s a skill that comes naturally for some, but is mostly learned from childhood and your various life experiences along the way. If you sometimes feel like you aren’t as organized as you would like, you’ve come to the right place. Try our easy peasy organizing rules and become the organized person you’ve always wanted to be. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.  

Decide what story you want to tell.  Every room in your home should tell a story. The items and feeling of each room should narrate its story. Think about how you currently use your space. Ask yourself if that’s the story you want it to tell. For example, do you feel the story of your bedroom should be one of comfortable serenity meets style, but it currently is one of chaos with clothes, shoes, and other items strung about everywhere? If you believe your bedroom should tell your story instead of its reality, it’s time to reorganize it.

Everything needs a home.  When organizing your belongings, every single item needs a home. First, sort all of your items and group like things together, getting rid of the things you don’t use or don’t need any longer. Once you’ve grouped things like your hair supplies, the bathroom cleaning products, or all of your socks, you can decide on the best place to store them. Make sure to store the items you use often in the most convenient places, so you don’t have to dig to find them. Having a home for all of your things saves you time, space, money and sanity because everything is together and in an easily accessible location.

Be consistent everyday.  One of the best things you can do to become and stay organized is to be consistent on a daily basis. A great way to accomplish this is to set time limits. Try 10 minute “clean sweeps” in areas that can be quickly organized. Make your bed, put the dirty clothes in the hamper, put away the folded laundry, pick up the kid’s toys, put those dishes in the dishwasher, the list goes on and on. Set a timer and go to work! You’ll be surprised how much you can do in 10 minutes. You can do even more by planning ahead. Read more about that here.

Adopt the “In and out” method.  Would you like a simple and guaranteed method of staying organized? If so, this method is for you. Here’s how it works: When you buy something new, you get rid of something you have. No tricks, no frills, it’s just that simple. To use this method you’ll need to choose a reasonable number of an item and stick to it. For example, you decide you will only keep 10 shirts. When you buy that 11th shirt, then one of your present shirts has to go.

Putting a limit on the things you like can be difficult. After all, you work hard and should enjoy the fruits of your labor. Even good things require moderation, and while it’s nice to have things, things are just that, things. Your happiness should not depend on them. Choose a clutter-free, organized space over the addition of yet another shirt. You’ll be glad you did. 

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