Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General FAQs

Why choose Tidy House Solutions?

We are Metro Detroit’s one-stop shop for professional home organizing and housekeeping services. Our unique approach to home servicing ensures our client’s homes are clean and organized, so they can spend their valuable time on other things. Learn more about us here.

What’s this “unique approach” you mentioned?

We don’t believe in cleaning around clutter, so home organization services are typically required before any housekeeping services are rendered. Our goal is not to simply leave clients with a clean and organized home, but to create personalized, easy-to-use systems to maintain the home everyday.

What’s the difference between housekeeping and house cleaning services?

It’s easy to confuse housekeeping and house cleaning services, so we hope to provide some clarity.

Our services are a hybrid of sorts. We offer housekeeping with many of the standard house cleaning duties included. For example, we provide a light-to-medium weekly or every two week cleaning as well as other non-cleaning duties, such as changing bed linens and making beds, refilling personal care items, e.g. toilet tissue, and general tidying and organizing. You can see our complete housekeeping checklist here that outlines everything we do during each visit. Lastly, we bring our own products and supplies, however will use a client’s at their request.

House cleaning, however, focuses on only cleaning a home. Many of the non-cleaning duties, such as the ones mentioned above, are not part of typical house cleaning service duties.

Each household is unique and requires a different home servicing approach, so if there’s any uncertainty as to if Tidy House Solutions would be a good fit, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your individual needs.

What should I expect during the phone consultation?

The FREE phone consultation is focused on home organization takes about 30-minutes. It consists of a questionnaire to help us get to know a potential client, their wants and needs, as well as explains what we do and how we do it. If a potential client decides to move forward, an in-home assessment will be performed.

What should I expect during the in-home assessment, and is there a cost?

At the in-home assessment, a walk through will be done to view and discuss the space(s) that require organizing. A client can ask any questions and discuss any concerns they may have at that time, too. Home organizing services cost and time frame will be provided at the end of the assessment. Housekeeping services cost can also be provided at that time, if requested.

There is a nominal fee for an in-home assessment. This fee will be applied toward the home organizing project cost, if booked.

So, how much are your services?

We can provide a price range based on information received from a potential client on the initial, FREE phone consultation call. More accurate pricing is provided after an in-home assessment is completed.

What type of payment options do you accept, and when it payment due?

We accept cash, check, and credit or debit cards. Payment for services are due prior to or immediately following the completion of services.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! We offer a discount to teachers and homeschooling parents.

What are your business hours?

Please see our business hours here.

Are you insured?

Yes! We are bonded and insured.

Can I trust your company?

Absolutely. We are honest, act with integrity, and take our client’s trust very seriously. We complete criminal background checks annually and provide a copy to view during the in-home assessment.